Daily 12.00pm - 10.00pm

Get your mex on!

Red Cow at Home’s newest family member, offering delicious, healthy, Mexican inspired food, that also helps stop world hunger.

Tasty Mexican Food

Zambrero serves Mexican food differently! Offering a freshly-prepared menu, with a focus on modern, healthy superfood ingredients, to bring new delicious flavours to the Mexican favourites you love.

It is healthy, Mexican inspired food made with nutritious ingredients that also helps to stop world hunger. Every burrito and bowl purchased means a meal donated to someone in need with Plate 4 Plate. That’s why we call it Feel Good Mex.

So, you can feel good inside by eating deliciously fresh Mexican that won’t leave you feeling bloated with post-burrito regret. And feel even better knowing you’ve helped feed the hungry at the same time.

Feeling ‘Hangry’ Call us now @ 01 4036310

Email us at hello@redcowathome.ie